“Who We Are” FAQs


Why are we doing this now?
Saint Paul’s, Piney Parish is nearing its 50th anniversary as an independent parish. It’s time we ask ourselves, “How are we going to live into the next 10 years in this community as disciples of Jesus Christ?”

But we are already doing some wonderful things here. What more can we do?
You’re absolutely correct. What we are currently doing in ministry is faithful and appropriate. The goal is to determine the next steps, building on what is currently being done. Where is God calling us to go from here?

What is expected of me?
We can’t do this without you. Our vision as a spiritual community doesn’t come solely from one person (the Rector) or from the leadership (the Vestry). It comes from all of us. It is important that we hear everyone’s thoughts. A series of Listening Sessions are being offered through the summer. All we ask is that you please sign up to attend a session and share your thoughts.

What happens at a Listening Session?
Each session will be a gathering for 90 minutes of no more than 8 people, along with 2 members of the “Who We Are” team to help guide the discussion. Together we will explore a series of questions that will help us discern and define who we are today, the practices and beliefs that give shape to our life together, and where we sense God is calling us. There is no right or wrong answer either.

How do I sign up for a session?
You can also sign up online. We have several sessions scheduled with varying times and locations. Please see a team member for details.