The Vestry is committee of the Rector and elected members of the congregation to manage the affairs of the church.  They serve as the governing board of the church.  Each vestry member is responsible for leading a ministry team from education to fellowship to worship.

2017 Vestry
The Rev. Dr. Maria A. Kane, Rector
Cheryl Williams, Senior Warden
Debbie Brown, Junior Warden
Paula Truitte, Treasurer*
Donna Gryn, Registrar*



Vestry Member Term Ends
Debbie Brown 2019
Cami Caudill 2019
Donna Ferguson 2020
Kyle Finley 2020
Deanna Gerhart 2019
Sydney Hardesty 2018
Russ Lancaster 2018
Colleen Meadows 2020
Tracy Monroe 2020
Janet Niemi 2019
Frank Pilato 2018
Cheryl Williams 2019

*The Treasurer and Registrar are not members of the Vestry.

Ministry Team Ministry Team Captains
Adult & Family Formation Cami Caudill | Kyle Finley
Children & Youth Janet Niemi
Communication & Publicity Sydney Hardesty
Fellowship Colleen Meadows | Frank Pilato
Pastoral Care Russ Lancaster
Service & Mission Donna Ferguson | Deanna Gerhart