Planning For The Future

Next year will be St. Paul’s 50th anniversary as a parish*. From 1754 to 1967, St. Paul’s was a Chapel of Ease** within Port Tobacco Parish. In 1967, the Diocese of Washington granted St. Paul’s a charter to become its own parish (Piney Parish). Over the past fifty years, St. Paul’s has been a community of faith rooted in radical hospitality, inclusivity, and service. We want to be an active, bold, and life-giving presence for many years to come.

This summer we embark on a journey to articulate “Who We Are.”  Over a period of three-four months, we will host a series of Listening Sessions/Cottage Meetings designed to help us reflect on the gifts, challenges, hopes, and dreams of our community. The information gathered in these Listening Sessions will help us discern and articulate who we are (identity), what we value (core values), and where we sense God is calling us (vision). Together, these three things, along with a commitment to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ will give rise to a mission that honors the past, empowers us for the future, and is faithful to God’s dream of wholeness, justice, and peace.


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* A parish is a church under the spiritual care of a priest and also denotes the geographic region around a church.

**In the 17th and 18th centuries, The Episcopal Church established chapel of eases to accommodate parishioners located at a distance from the parish’s “mother church.” At the time, the “mother church” of Port Tobacco Parish was Christ Church, La Plata.