Annual Giving/Pledging

St. Paul’s is a community of hope. Our work is made possible by people who make an annual pledge to sustain the church with a financial gift throughout the year. One-time gifts are important and always welcome, but annual pledges determine the breadth and depth of our ministry in any given year.

How much should I give?
That’s between you and God. The Bible teaches proportional giving, specifically 10 percent. Making a pledge to support St. ​Paul​’s throughout the year means that you’re going to be giving even when you don’t feel like giving, and there can be a powerful grace in that. We all worry about money from time to time, and we all try to balance prudence with faithfulness. But if you are giving even at those times when you are worried, ​we pray that ​the Holy Spirit might just remind you of one of the most important things Jesus ever said: “Do not worry about your life.” God knows what you need, of course. He numbers the hairs of your head and will never leave you. So seek first God’s kingdom, Jesus said, and everything you need will be given to you.

Where does my pledge go?
Our parish’s budget is made possible by annual pledges. So pledges to St. Paul’s Church make possible all our worship services, outreach to the community and the world, joint ventures with outreach partner organizations, ministries to families, children and youth, Bible studies, classes, workshops, speakers, pastoral care, and upkeep of our facilities. Every pledge, no matter the amount, counts.

How do I pledge?
Download a pledge card, complete it, and mail it to the church or call the office: 301-645-5000.