December 17, The Third Sunday of Advent (John 1:6-8, 19-28)

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December 3, The First Sunday of Advent (Mark 13:24-37)

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November 5, All Saints’ Sunday (1 John 3:1-3)

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October 29, The Twenty-First Sunday After Pentecost (Matthew 22:34-46)

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September 17, The Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost (Matthew 18:21-35)

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September 10, The Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost (Matthew 18:15-20)

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August 27, The Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost  (Romans 12:1-8)


August 20, The Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost (Matthew 15:21-28)

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August 13, The Tenth Sunday After Pentecost (Matthew 14:22-33

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July 30, The Eighth Sunday After Pentecost (Romans 8:26-39)

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July 16, The Sixth Sunday After Pentecost (Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23)

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July 2, The Fourth Sunday After Pentecost (Matthew 10:40-42)

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June 4, The Day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-21 and John 7:37-39

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April 16, The Feast of the Resurrection (Easter) (Matthew 28:1-10)

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April 9, The Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday (Matthew 26:14-27:66)

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March 26, The Fourth Sunday in Lent (John 9:1-41)

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March 5, The First Sunday in Lent (Matthew 4:1-11)

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March 1, Ash Wednesday (Psalm 51 and Matthew 6:1-6, 21-27)

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February 5, The Fifth Sunday After the Epiphany (Isaiah 58:1-9a; Matthew 5:13-20)

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January 22, The Third Sunday After the Epiphany (Matthew 4:13-23)

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